Charting the Course of the World's First Jet Truck 

Step into the world of groundbreaking speed and innovation with "The Jet-Powered History, Waltzing Matilda: Queen of the Tar." This captivating book takes you on a full-throttle journey through the creation and legacy of "Waltzing Matilda," the jet truck that set the world ablaze, becoming the first of its kind to break the 300 km/h threshold.


Saluting Australian Prowess 

"Waltzing Matilda," the "Queen of the Tar," stands as a testament to Australian excellence in motorsport and innovation. This book is a tribute to the unstoppable spirit that drives pioneers to greatness and cements their stories in the pages of history.

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Own a Piece of the Legend 

"The Jet-Powered History, Waltzing Matilda: Queen of the Tar" is now available for purchase. Bring home the legacy of the truck that redefined possibility and let the spirit of "Waltzing Matilda" ignite your passion for the extraordinary. Ready for the ride of a lifetime?

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